Blood Bag Systems

Blood Bag Systems

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Siliconised ultra thin walled, 16G, sharp Japanese needle assures smooth and atraumatic venipuncture.

  • Soft, frosted and flexible kink resistant tubing with unique identification number at intervals of 10 cm
  • Tamper proof, safe and easy to open port covers to prevent contamination
  • Manufactured from high quality medical grade PVC sheet
  • Individually packed in special multi layer pouch and multiples packed in moisture barrier aluminum pouch
  • Convenient hanger slits and holes allow easy suspension of the bags during collection & storage
  • Anticoagulant CPD solution preserves whole blood up to 21 days
  • Anticoagulant CPDA solution preserves whole blood up to 35 days
  • SAGM solution preserves RBC upto 42 days.

Single Blood Bag System
Item CodeSize
PRO135001100 ml
PRO135002250 ml
PRO135003300 ml
PRO135004350 ml
PRO135005450 ml
PRO135006500 ml

Double Blood Bag System
Item CodeSize
PRO135007250+300 ml
PRO135008350+300 ml
PRO135009450+300 ml
PRO135010500+300 ml

Triple Blood Bag System
Item CodeSize
PRO135011250+300 ml x 2
PRO135012350+300 ml x 2
PRO135013450+300 ml x 2
PRO135014500+300 ml x 2

Quadruple Blood Bag System
Item CodeSize
PRO135015250+300 ml x 3
PRO135016350+300 ml x 3
PRO135017450+300 ml x 3
PRO135018500+300 ml x 3

Transfer Blood Bag System
Item CodeSize
PRO135019150 ml
PRO135020300 ml
PRO135021400 ml
PRO135022500 ml

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